Our New Grandson...

Friday afternoon we slipped out of town to go south to see our new grandson baby Noah. After a marathon journey of 7 hours (which should only take 5) countless accidents and side trips to avoid and get around the accidents, we arrived at the hospital and saw our grandson for the first time.

What a beautiful baby. He is so precious. He's surrounded by a loving family that has lots of aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. So there are a lot of helping hands to assist the new parents. And we will be heading south as often as we can to see the little tyke.

Grandpa was holding Noah when dog child Sam decided that he had to get in on the action, keep in mind that grandpa is very ticklish. Sam has been a member of the family since he was 6 weeks old. So Noah has a great big "brother" and a great playmate when he gets older.
Things will never be so peaceful as they are right now. Give him a few years and Watch Out World Noah Has Arrived.
Here's Noah with his grandpa Jerri. It looks like they're both are tuckered out and having a great snooze. A great past-time for the 4th of July.
Grandma Irene came over on Monday and babysat Noah so we could go out and have lunch and do a wee bit of shopping.
Auntie Christie got a nice big yawn out of her new nephew.
Cousin Dillon holding his new baby cousin Noah.
Aunt Stephanie, Cousins Sydney and Ashley admiring baby Noah.
This is one lucky baby, to have a lot of family close by to love on him. What a wonderful way to come into the world.
Happy trails...


  1. What a great set of pictures and a beautiful baby to boot. You two must be just too proud!!!

  2. Love the photos especially that of Sam licking David...precious!


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