Leaving The Nest...

Over the past week I have been writing about our youngest daughter who is moving to Georgia for a new job in her field. It has been an experience in finding an apartment, getting services turned on, all the while doing it long distance, packing up and all that goes with that.

The most frustrating thing I have experienced is the apartment manager people. They have been doling out information in piece mill style instead of giving all of it to us up front. After my husband an daughter got on the road today we were informed that the card that we were going to use for her deposit, now has to be in the form of a money order or a check. So happens hubby did not take his checkbook with him. I am now having to transfer money from the card to the bank and hopefully he can withdraw the full amount and get the money order. Such a pain.

She had to say goodbye to her dogs this morning and believe me they knew something was amiss. At the moment they are moping, poor babies. We will have them for a year. It will be interesting to see if they remember her when she gets back, I'm sure they will.

Darling daughter saying good-bye to her big boy Fitz William Darcy (Fitz) all 96 lbs. of him.

Here she is giving big hugs to her Miss Elizabeth Bennett (Lizzy) a sweet natured little lady.

All packed up and getting ready to pull out. Two cars and a U-Haul Trailer. Where would we be without U-Haul.

We said our goodbyes and kept in contact during the day, aren't cell phones wonderful? They arrived safe and sound at their first stop. I even utilized gasbuddy to get them to a station on the road with a reasonable gas price. I will sleep well tonight.

I miss her already. But this is the beginning of a new chapter in her life. God speed sweet one.

Happy trails...

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