Yesterday evening we decided that we wanted something different for dinner so we hopped in the car and drove to Northwest Oklahoma City to a little hamburger joint called Bunny's. Bunny's is famous for it's Onion Burger, fries and handmade malts and shakes. Nothing artificial here.

Bunny's T-shirt, I just love the pink tie-dye job

The hamburger is simple fare, a bun toasted perfectly on the grill. Onion's that have been sliced, not chopped, piled high on top of the sizzling fresh ground hamburger meat that is cooking on a well seasoned steel surfaced grill. When ready the burger is flipped and the onions that were on top are now being caramelized on the grill the bun top is put on the top of the burger to be softened by the steam rising from the meat and onions. Once done Joey, the grill master, flips the bottom bun pulls the burger and onions to cap it and then plates it with the fries and dill pickles. The french fries are fresh hand cut potatoes fried to perfection. When served the burger is so hot that you have to wrap it in napkins to keep from burning your fingers.

This burger was plated just for this picture as it was a to-go order. To bad you could not see the mound of french fries you would get with it.

Bunny insists on serving fountain coke-a-cola that is very strong. It has that wonderful burn when it hits the back of your throat. I can remember the original coke in the little bottles from the 50's and when you drank one of those ice cold babies it would have that same burn. Mmmmmmm Goooooood! Every bite of the burger brought forth moans of happiness. Oh it is such a good burger.

Kaylee, Joey the grill master and Kialee. These two girls really took good care of us.

Bunny's is located at the corner of 50th and Meridian, 5020 N Meridian Ave. It's right across the road from Putnam City High School so you know what crowd it caters to. We have been having burgers at Bunny's for at least 20 years. Before that it was known as Joe's Onion Burger and we ate there for at 15 years before it became Bunny's. There is now a new south side location at 1023 S. Meridian Ave. It is better situated to I-40.
If you're passing though Oklahoma City and want a great onion burger I suggest hanging your hat at Bunny's and sit a spell and enjoy the food. 2 Thumbs Up!!!!!

Happy trails....


  1. Hay, It looks like you have found your nitch. You did a wonderful job of reviewing Bunny's. You made my mouth water just reading. You should consider this as a second career!!! It could grow into something big. Your review is good enough in my humble opinion to be syndicated.

  2. Thanks Alan, it was fun to write :) Next time you guys are in town let's go grab a Bunny's
    Happy Trails

  3. Anonymous10/24/2010

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  4. Anonymous,
    If you would send me your email address I would be happy to email you more information.


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