One Year and 38 Years

Last year at this time I started blogging after returning from our first vacation minus kids. Something I had never done before was to journal. Growing up I could never get into the habit of keeping a diary or journaling, I never found anything I had to say worth writing down. But over the course of this past year I have read about the adventures of Bobbie and Jim, (Bobbie was the one who started me blogging) Laurie and Odel, Alan and Joan, The Bayfield Bunch, Mountain Born, Bill and Leslie, The Gypsy Journal with Bad Nick and a whole host of other RV'ers out there enjoying life on the open road and living out their dreams. Through your posts I feel like I have a wonderful world of new found friends that I can't wait to meet. So after reading all the wonderful posts, the lot of you have inspired me to journal or blog our experiences.

I find that I enjoy writing this blog, that it is very cathartic and helps me to release feelings and emotions that from time to time get pent up. It allows me to venture out with photos of food and snowy day photos and experiences I would normally not mention. I don't know if my writing has improved over the course of the year but I feel better about it than I did when I started.

Another year has passed and so many things have happened over that year. Dave and I have become grandparents to baby Noah. Our youngest daughter has found an internship in her field at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia and is preparing to move there for the next year. Dave and I will become empty nesters as of next weekend. I will feel the loss of this extraordinarily talented young woman and miss her presence in our house. I have had her around for 27 years, time for her to move on and start her life. Unfortunately she will not be able to take her dogs with her at this time and she is quite sad about leaving behind her Fitz and Lizzy. We don't mind taking care of them. Fitz is a rambunctious boy and Lizzy is ever the little lady with an ornery streak in her.Our oldest daughter came through a surgery that allowed her to have children. She and her darling husband bought their first house and now have a beautiful baby. Life couldn't be better.

Dave and I are celebrating 38 wonderful blessed years together today. It's amazing how fast those years go by. You blink and so much life passes by you and you find yourself wondering where the time went. Hold tight to the ones you love and let them know each and every day how you feel. Don't let a day go by without saying "I love you". That way you will never have any regrets.

Life is indeed beautiful!

Happy trails.


  1. Congratulations on your 1st year of blogging - it is addictive isn't it. Lesle

  2. Beautiful posting, Susie. You HAVE improved. You say a lot with less words. You are doing fine.

  3. Leslie, Yes it is very addictive. But I am enjoying it ;-) Maybe I always had secret ambitions of being a writer who knows, the next big novel could be just around the corner. An RV spy thriller!


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