While Dave is in Georgia with Christie helping her get moved into her new apartment, yes... she finally was able to jump through all the hoops, I decided to tackle the dinning room and do a bit of downsizing. I don't know if it is actual downsizing but it is an arrangement that makes it look like there is less in the area.

First I cleared and moved my great-grandmother's Singer treadle sewing machine from the dinning room to the entry way. The credenza that was in the entry way was cleared and moved to the dinning room making a side board. I then took my great-grandmother's chair and put it under a painting in the dinning room. Then I took the leaf out of the dinning table reducing it from a 6 person setting to a 4 person setting creating more room in the area. Then I removed a small bookcase that holds my cookbooks and put a chair in that space. Now if I can get Dave to remove the shredder and his paper pile it will look good in there.

I'm trying to get a sense of space in the living room as we have some over sized furniture which includes a piano, which catches lots of clutter, a leather couch, 2 leather chairs and ottomans, coffee table, credenza, 2 side tables and a unit to hold the electronic equipment. The two rooms make one big room. I think if I get rid of the piano it will help besides I don't play it anymore. The demarcation line is the dinning room which has parky flooring with a rug and the living room has carpet. I'm contemplating pulling up the carpet and vinyl tile underneath and putting in Mexican tile. With the heat here in the summer a tile floor would help keep the house cooler, for winter I have area rugs I can put down to help the area stay warm.

While the troops have been gone I have been keeping the house at 75 degrees on the inside, day and night. It really is quite comfortable. Dave likes to knock it down to 72 at night but with the ceiling fans 75 is fine with me.

Sunday is laundry day and I have much more to do before Dave gets home on Tuesday so...

Happy trails...

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  1. You have a beautiful home and lots of wonderful things from family. I wonder whether you have thought about putting your cook books on the computer. You can scan them and store them on thumb drives, and print out anything you like. Being a full timer in an RV, we need all the space we can get. :-)



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