The Blessing of the Grans...

Playtime at the park

After I had informed the girls the fate of their father, KC arrived here around 12:30 a.m. and her sister and family arrived at 4:30 a.m. Sunday.  My brother and sister-n-law came down Saturday afternoon, late and were an immense help. If we needed something they went and got it. One of Christie's closest friends came in to stay with me as well.  I was never left alone and for that I am grateful. Needless to say the day and days following were exhausting.  They had to make me eat as I was running on pure adrenalin and was forgetting that I needed to eat. 

People were in and out of the house bringing food, dropping off arrangements. The worst was having to make phone calls to family and friends to inform them that Dave was gone. One word comes to mind "SHOCK"  People were speechless. Soon stories started coming forth of how very special he was and an all around great guy.  

Flowers from the Jensen's in Canada

But the saving grace of the week was the "Grans." They brought so much joy in such sorrow. Their precious smiles would light up a room. You couldn't help but smile back, pick them up and give them a big squatch and blow huge raspberries on their little tummies. 

One evening after a very hectic day, we took the boys to the park after dinner to play as they had not been able to get outside.  They ran and climbed the "Big Toy" and hid in the maze, played Peek-a-Boo with their Auntie.  It was good to be able to just sit and watch and think how much Dave would have loved playing with them.
Noah on the BIG TOY at the park

Yes they were noisy, but they were jewels.  Their sweet smiles took away some of the sadness. 
Andy working a puzzle

It's amazing how your perspective of things can change in a heartbeat. I know mine did. 

The boys are a blessing to me and I do love them so. 
The End of a Day


  1. thanks for that Susie! God truly blessed us all around: you with David, your girls, and your grands and me with wonderful in-laws, my beautiful wife, and my two sweet boys. I know I will always miss David, but its a blessing to know his joy, love, and laughter can be seen through my boys, your grandsons. Because he passed down his love to his daughters, we can pass it down to our boys. Its comforting to me to know that he can be found in his grandsons, my boys. Watching them play, laugh, show how smart they are, and even the way they dance (chicken wing!), we can see those traits that made him who he was. My challenge as their dad is to make sure they know him through us and how much he cherished them as well as ensure they grow into men that can be talked about and remembered the way everyone has honored David. That they grow into men in his image. Between my own father and David, they have a lot to live up to! Whereas I know I fall short, it is a worthy goal to teach my boys to aim for!

  2. Prospective is changed from time to time. The chapters of ones life changes with time and events. Each chapter has its own glory, joys and sorrows. Some of those chapters end with great sorrow and others might end with great joy but without change something within us sleeps. The change has awakened the sleeper in you. While this change is oh so hard to endure, it will get better my friend. You may not want it too but you will feel again. The numbness will go away slowly but it will pass. God is not through with you or you would not be breathing. Hard to know what His plans are for you but I do know that He has great things in store for you. Patience and faith. Hard things to have at this time but they are most important. I know I have been where you are.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I have not been keeping up with blogs very good. We went to the RV Dreams rally in Tennessee from April 25 to May 11. I know how sad and confused you feel. I have lost my Dad, my first Husband Nd my Mother. Yes time helps, but the numbness goes on for awhile. Hang in there and be great!


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