Is the House Testing Me...

Honoring those who made the supreme sacrifice
Right after Dave passed away things in the house started to break down. Was the house testing me? 

First the washing machine drain plugged up and we had to get that routed out. Then the stool base started leaking like crazy.  I had to get a new seal put on it and re-seated plus the drain to the tub was afoul, had the stopper removed on it, now it drains normally.

Next the faucet in my bathroom gave up its spout while I was washing my hair.  It popped off and water was gushing from the base.   I turned it off immediately, noticed there were two O rings and shoved it back in place.  What I didn't know was the dome screwed down to keep it in place so of course it popped back off.  Thanks to the Marchant’s and Victor having had worked at Lowe’s, I got that problem solved.

Light Bulbs…I discovered that Dave bought a boat load of regular incandescent light bulbs.  The light bulb went out on the vent-a-hood.  Oh bother!  Something else to change.

I like washing dishes…what more can I say. It lets me gather my thoughts and loose myself for a few moments.  Sink stopper…where is that darn sink stopper.  I know we have a rubber one to plug the drain, can I find it? NOOOO!  It has grown legs and walked away apparently.  I had to use the original metal one that leaks like a sieve.  Wash those dishes fast girlfriend.    Looks like I’m off to Wally world here in a bit to get new sink stoppers. 

That was the one thing in all the years I never had to worry with, was maintenance on the house.  Dave always took care of everything for me.  Whole new world, is all I can say. Now where is that Readers Digest "Complete Do-it-yourself" Manual we bought years ago?
The Household Bible

So how was your Memorial Day?  Mine was a blast, listening to my house protest.  At least I was up early enough to set out the Flags!


  1. Anonymous5/26/2014

    Really Cute of you to post that all, Suzie....Keep Fith, you will get the hang of it soon enough....just don't push too fast to learn it all....Good Luck and God Bless....Gerry AKA:Gerald B. Am Texas Blessed all over the place now....

  2. Hope it gets better! Hang in there!


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