It’s been a little over a month since Dave shed his earthly husk. I went back to work May 6th , a very emotional day for sure.  Last Wednesday Shawn Arnold a former student of Dave’s and now my attorney took me to pick up his remains.  Afterwards we took Dave to the Interurban in a gift bag. Matt Biddick a friend of ours and former soccer parent joined us; we toasted Dave, told stories, and had a great time remembering what an all-around wonderful person he was. I’m sure he was laughing at the stories we told.  I was more at peace at that moment than at any other time during all of this.  Thanks Shawn and Matt!
Dave is home
His Celebration of Life Memorial was wonderful.  It’s what he would have wanted.  You will be able to view it on celebratingdavidsmeal.shutterfly.com   in the coming weeks when we get the video up once we receive it.

I have tons of thank you’s to write, but am exhausted by the time I get home, that I can barely make it through dinner.  I have to get over that, hopefully I can soon.

Tomorrow is trash day so need to gather up the trash and get it out to the curb.  All the little things I have to remember now.  It's List Time folks!  I could have huge lists like Dave but it’s hard to eat an elephant that way.  Break it down to 6 things on your to do list, accomplish those and move on to the next 6.  If some did not get done, roll those to the top of the list for the next day.  Small bites will get the elephant eaten, in my case Godzilla.  But that’s just around the house and not at work.  More lists!  UGH!

I have made the decision that I will be retiring at the end of March of next year.  I will be 66 then and at full retirement age and will be able to collect social security with no penalties. That gives me time to get things in order that need to be done.  Sorry Bobbie, I had to bump it back a bit.

in recalculating the days, I have 322 days until I retire.
Hopefully I will have my RV before then and will be able to start taking short trips (State Parks) to get used to it before taking long trips.

So here’s to a new chapter.  A clean page…what to write?

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  1. That's OK, Susie. Continuing to work another year is understandable and a good decision for you. It will give you the time you need to continue to heal, get use to your new life now and better plan for the future. I am sure Dave would approve. First on the clean page???? How about "I am open to the Universe to guide me to......." and let life till in the blanks. Sure do like the idea of getting your RV early and taking short runs around you to get use to it. Hopefully you have someone to help you choose a rig. So proud of you and will support you any way we can!!!


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