Woohoo...Hit First Goal...

Went to the Dr. this morning to check on my Diabetes and got great news.  I have lost 10% of my body weight which equates to 23lbs. YES!!! Now I start on the next 10% which will be 21lbs and hope to reach that goal before our new grandson gets here in July.  My Diabetes is doing good,  managing it without medication and doing my best to stay healthy.   I will say this...I managed to stay well this past winter, when everyone around me was so sick, no cough, no sniffle, no stomach flu or any other kind of flu, I did this by including 

Green Valley Plain Kefir, lactose free in my diet (You've got to check out the recipes on this site!). I  drink 8 oz. once a day, in the evenings and I really swear by it.  It's sort of like Buttermilk but better. 
I will try anything if it will help me to stay well.
If you are in the Norman area you can find it at Natural Grocers.

Happy trails...


  1. How wonderful to hear that you had no illnesses this winter. Isn't it wonderful to be blessed with good health! Congrats on losing the weight. That really is key to good health! I have lost over 30 pounds since Joan's passing and it feels great! I am still eating well though so don't worry about that. :-)

  2. Great report from the doctor ! Great job...stick with it. Great to meet you guys and hang out for a while.


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