I know purebred dogs are more likely to have seizures, but I never expected our big boy to have them. He is half German Shepard and half Lab. and a whopping 106 lbs.  Fitz short for Fitz William Darcy is a gentle giant. To give you a kiss he will take your whole hand in his mouth and gently gum it. 
Fitz William Darcy

He started having seisures about a year ago. He has had 5 that I am aware of.  Our other dog Lizzy short for Miss Elizabeth Bennett is very mothering when he has these episodes. Most of the time she is the one to alert us.  The longest duration was a good 12 minutes. Most last about 5 to 7 minutes.  I wish I knew what caused them.  Is it the ear drops that I have to put in his ears?  Is it the scolding I give him when he has gotten up on the counter to grab food while I'm away.  I wish I knew.

Love your furry friends as they are the only ones that will listen to you and not judge you.

Happy trails...


  1. Have you taken him to the vet because there is medication to stop the seizures.

  2. The vet wants him to be having at least two episodes a week before he gives him anything. It's so hard to watch. All we can do is to comfort him and try to keep him from hurting himself. After an episode he will sleep for hours.

  3. Anonymous4/27/2012

    Hey girl! How have you been, it's been too long? How is life at OU? Love, KIKI!


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