There's An App For That...

Most of  you who follow my blog know that I'm not a tech savy person.  I throw remote controls if I can't get them to work.  You try to figure out what the 6 remotes do and then remember how to operate them each time you want to use them. Oh so much fun...NOT!!!!

This past week we upped our technology knowledge and got smart phones, don't know why, had trouble operating the last ones we had, as we never did figure out how to use the darn things beyond talking, texting, taking photos and setting the alarm.  I may have used the Internet a couple of times while shopping and trying to find ingredients for a recipe or two. Other than that Nada, but they were free with a 2 year contract. 

The new phones we have...if an oven was attached it would bake a cake plus mix the darn thing. Hold your horses pardner...there's an app for that!   

Dave and I both got the Samsung Galaxy s2 Skyrocket Android Phones.  For $20.00
each, refurbished in white, we felt it was a good deal.  It has more bells and whistles than my fairly new laptop computer and is faster too. Our daughter upgraded to an iPhone for a penny, refurbished. Can't beat a deal like that.  We are on 4G and she is on 3G but she's in the Cloud now with her iPad, Nano and her iPhone and I found out we are too so to speak.  That means you can share your information from your iAnything.  We can share information from our computer to the phone through Google. It was amazing when they transferred my photos from my old phone to the new one it picked up all my pictures that I had on my blogs and what I had stored in Picasa on my computer. 

We had to take Dave's phone to the ATT Store to get his contacts, photos and videos transferred to the new phone.  While waiting, a very nice young lady named Heather, had a phone like ours and showed us what all we could do with it.  AMAZING!!!  All the free apps out there...some are just hysterical...GottagoP shows you the locations of all public restrooms.  It has GPS and you go to the map and it shows you where you are. No more getting lost...maybe. I'm always lost!  I used the code scanner on an advertisement for a grocery store the other day and pulled up a neat video on an Oklahoma City chef and how he made his brisket.  How cool is that.  

I love texting and being able to see my conversation with the other person instead of having to toggle between two applications to know what the conversation is about.  A definite plus in my book.  I'm still trying to figure out how to do some things but I'm beginning to get the hang of it.  I can even read books on it but don't know that I want to as the screen is fairly small, not quite four inches across if your turn it to the side view, but I could if I wanted too.  I can Skype as well, as it has a front facing camera and a back facing camera with a flash.  Getting to use free Wi-Fi, that's a plus too if I don't want to use my phone's planned mega bites (300mb)which is not much. 

I think I could get use to this and not toss it across the room out of frustration...maybe there's an app for that!

Happy trails...

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  1. I'll stick with my "dumb" phone and use it to talk and text. I'm geeky enough with the computer I'd never get anything done if I had a smart phone. Too tempting to play all the time.


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