Two Very Neat Ladies...

Three weeks ago our friends Bobbie and Jim emailed to say the two Linda's were going to be working in our area and gave them our phone number to see if we would like to get together. 

Linda and LindaS
Last Sunday evening we went out to Lake Thunderbird and met up with the Two Linda's.  What a delight these two ladies are. We had a great time.  But how do you keep them straight when writing? Ok here goes, Linda and LindaS.  Linda had put together a wonderful selection of fresh veggies for grilling. Summer Squash, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers in a lovely marinade. Since they are vegetarians they had tofu sausage links and for Dave and I, Turkey sausage links.  We sat outside and had wonderful conversation while the meal was being grilled on their 

Coleman Road Trip Portable Grill.  We had a great appetizer of Hummus (I love Hummus) red bell pepper slices and snack crackers.  While Linda was grilling, LindaS was telling us about working in the Hospitality industry and her years at a Penn State Auxiliary University where she ran the food services division of the University.  Linda took a quick break and told us about how she became an LPN.  We went into the RV to get out of the brisk breeze to eat.  We also had deviled eggs and I brought a Strawberry-Orange Pasta Salad.  I added seedless green Grapes to the mix, instead of using Mandarin Oranges I used 4 Clementines as I think they are sweeter.  Dinner was delish!!!!!We talked about grand kids, they have six between them, dogs, working out on the road, taxes, selecting a state of domicile, insurance, things to consider when buying an RV.  The difference between a fifth-wheel and a motor home. For instance, in a fifth-wheel, when all the slides are pulled in can you still get to the refrigerator, bathroom and bed?  The two Linda's were gracious enough to show us their set-up in their RV. It's a Thor Outlaw Motor Home with a garage.  The girls have a motor-trike they put in there.  It's a very nice set-up.  It didn't seem like we were in a Motor home at all, it was so roomy.  They showed us lots of neat little do dads that make RVing life easier. Lots of storage ideas and tips and tricks of RVing, you learn as you go. For instance I would have never thought of putting a cat flea collar strip by the furnace outlet to keep the mud daubers away. Boy is there ever a lot of information to digest.  It makes one's head spin.  There are a lot of RV discussion forms out there in cyberland to learn from.  One does not have to start from scratch...thank goodness. The three I'm familiar with are My Old RV, Escapees and RV-Dreams. Another great blog filled with great information is Jerry and Cynthia's RV Road Trip.

The Linda's are moving on to Oklahoma City at the end of this week and will be there for about two weeks working their business. We promised to get together again and maybe go to a movie at the Warren Theatre.

The Three Musketeers
Alas it was time to go even though we hated for the evening to  end. We had to get home so our doggies could have a bathroom break and eat dinner.  I also had laundry to finish before work on Monday. 

Linda, Me and LindaS
We have found new friends and look forward to seeing them again and following their travels and adventures.

Happy trails...

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  1. Oh, Jim and I are so happy you were able to get together with The Lindas. We love them dearly!!! Great photo also.


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