Just an Ordinary Day....NOT!!!!!!

What started out as a normal mundane Wednesday turned out so far to be far from mundane. Around 9 o'clock this morning while sitting at my desk a low rumble started then cresendoed into a solid shake of the building lasting four seconds but for me lasted longer than that. EARTHQUAKE!!!!! 5.1 on the Richter scale. I've never experienced an earthquake before. At first thought that it was jets doing a very low flyover when I realized that there was no jet noise. The adrenalin started rising and everyone in the office started talking at once. "What was going on?" "Was that an earthquake?"

The quake was located about 6 miles east of Norman out by Lake Thunderbird near Highway 9. Jones, Oklahoma which is north of us gets lots of 3. quakes which are not felt here. But this one was felt in Kansas City, KS and Grapevine, TX

One of the skylights in one of our tall buildings here on campus cracke severly so they evacuated the building for precautionary measures. I called Dave and he said the pictures on the wall were bouncing all over the place.

Just as we were all starting to lower the adrenalin levels, the fire alarm went off in the building. False alarm or not we have to evacuate. So I grabbed my purse, blue book (I am the official head counter), cell phone and out the door I went with the rest of the crew. Once down 4 flights of stairs and out the door we learn that it's a false alarm. Adrenalin rising again and trying to come back down, I quipped "well to complete the drill for the day we just need a tornado and the day will be complete." Oops did I just say that? The day is not over and yet and it's Oklahoma. As Will Rogers said "Wait a minute and the weather will change."

Well so much for an ordinary day!

Happy trails....


  1. Wow!!!!

    Beautiful picture of that tree.

  2. That was the first year out of many that the tree turn color in one day. Dave got the shot you see. The next day the all the leaves had fallen off the tree during the night. Not before nor since has the tree done that.


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