Another Week Gone...

It's Friday and heading into the weekend. At the moment we're getting ready to get soaked again as another round of rain passes through the area. Don't get me wrong we really need the rain, but my poor little dog just hates thunder. At about 1:10 a.m. this morning he started whining as he jumped up on my bed and proceeded to sit on my head shaking up a storm. He does that when he is scared. After arousing me from a great sleep, I had to get up and put him in his crate. it seems to be the only thing that calms him. It took me awhile to get back to sleep but sleep I did until the alarm went off at 6:40 a.m. We had the attic fan running and the cool night air was wonderful.

I love to wake up slowly and unhurried as my day just seems to go better when I do. So I generally hit the snooze button and turn on Fox and Friends to see what has happened overnight. I will toggle between that and one of the local stations to see what is going on with the weather. I then put out the dogs and wake Dave so he can make the coffee. I bring in the dogs and finish getting dressed, grab my cuppa coffee and out the door we go so Dave can take me to work. I just wish I could sleep in on the weekends. That would be loverly.

What's on my plate this weekend? More of getting rid of stuff. Between the big dog and Dave I have managed to downsize my collection of bowls this week. I had some beef grease in a bowl at the back of the stove, letting it solidify and the big boy got up and pulled that down breaking the bowl, and Dave was soaping up a bowl to clean it and it slipped out of his hands and broke in the sink. So that is two less of what I have to get rid of.

We will most likely watch the Sooners play Missouri and watch some Sunday Pro football, will have to see who is playing though. But that is it for our weekend. Nothing exciting going on unless we decide to go somewhere. Just chillin before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 come out next month. We can hardly wait.

I will say this though...I will be glad when this election cycle is over. I'm fed up with all the campaign phone calls we get each day. I know...they're trying to get the pulse of the voter but enough already, I don't need 10+ calls a day of campaign messages and pollsters taking polls.

Well that's it for now, pizza night tonight and a movie, The Half Blood Prince, a Harry Potter film . So...getting ready to go grab one of our favorites, Pepperoni and Mushroom on a thin crust. Have a good Friday everyone.

Happy trails...

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