Mother's Day and A Shower for Heather...

We went to Texas this past weekend for Mother's Day and a baby shower for Heather and baby Noah. Heather had another 3-D ultrasound and we got to see little Noah's face this time. He looks a lot like his daddy. He has turned and his little face is mushed and looks funny. Heather and J were looking at it and they started laughing and then baby Noah started laughing, yes there is a picture of it.

We got into Longview around 6:30 on Friday and immediately headed out to Marshall, TX for the baby shower. We arrived at 7:30 at a beautiful home built in the 1920's. The architectural style is along the haciendas of San Antonio with a center courtyard with fountain and the house built around it. It has been in the same family since the '20's. It is very old but beautiful with a lot of character and charm. We had a wonderful time. We finally got back into Longview around 10 PM and crashed. I just wish the drive was shorter.

Saturday was spent trying to help out around the house, getting weeds pulled flowers planted and such. I worked on getting Heather's Mary Kay closet organized so she could see what inventory she had and needed. We cleaned up around 3:30 and went to see Iron Man 2. We all enjoyed it and had a good time. The only thing I am going to say here is DO NOT LEAVE THE THEATRE BEFORE THE END OF THE CREDITS, THERE IS A KICKER!!! Otherwise you will miss it. That is why we always stay through the credits. You never know if there is a surprise waiting for you.

After the movie we went to Kobe's steak house. It was a busy evening and we waited for quite a while, enough time for me to have a Mai Thi... not a good choice on an empty stomach but it was goooooooooooooooddddddd!!!!!!! But dinner was worth the wait. Our chef's name was Jun pronounced June. We went with J's parents Jerry and Irene, Heather and J, Christie, Dave and myself, a party of 7. They always put on a show and the food is something else.
Jun starting his show

A happy face in rice.
Lots of good veggie things to eat.

An onion volcano
Ah dinner is served...time to eat.

Sunday was spent putting more stuff away and sorting out more junk to be gotten rid of. Dave got a broken sprinkler head fixed so J could water the back yard. J fixed everyone a wonderful meal and we had a great time. Irene, Heather and I opened our Mother's day gifts. I got Laura Bush's new book, chocolate, body wash and body spray. Even Christie got a nice gift set of fragrance from her sister an J. It was for her birthday that was in April. Irene brought over her cookbooks from Trisha Yearwood. There were some great recipes in them. I may have to go and get them.

Then it was time to head home. Christie drove all the way back to Norman. We ran into some real heavy rain just before we got to McAllister, OK. The lightning was something else. Sort of reminded me of the movie "War of the Worlds" As you can see the storm did not affect Fitz's nap.

Gas here is $2.59 at least it's $0.10 cheaper that what it was when we left.
Happy Trails....

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  1. So you had a wonderful trip and an even better Mother's day. We are glad that you are safely back home. Tired from the trip I am certain, still happy that you went. Isn't that a great tired to have!!!!!!


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