A Milestone...

I get my 10 year pin from the university today. It's hard to believe that I have remained in one spot for 10 years, well 11 years actually. In all of my lifetime I have never remained in a job other than being a mother for more than a year or two. Being a Staff Assistant is something I enjoy...helping other people.

I had a mobile catering business once upon a time that I really enjoyed doing for two years until I was injured by a careless driver. After much pain over the following 8 months the doctor advised me that if I wanted any kind of a normal life I had to quit lifting 50 lb. coke canisters, 100 lb potato sacks and 100 lb propane tanks. That's when I sold my trailer and contacted a friend of mine at the university. She got me in with the Peak program where you do temp work for different departments at the university on a short term basis. I did that for 16 months then was hired by Project Support and Compliance Assurance to do scanning. The department spilt in 2001 and I moved to the College of Continuing Education to work for Outreach Sponsored Programs where I work with the administrative staff to support the officers who work with grant accounts.

Did I ever feel I would stay at the university this long? No. But I will say this, I have been happy here, doing what I do, helping other people and being a representative of a great university.

Live On University...

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  1. Being helpful to others always makes for the best jobs, in my opinion.


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