Let's Skype Together

OK, I'm hooked. I learned about Skype yesterday from Bobbie Chapman a full timer friend in Colorado. I joined and now I'm hooked...oops I've already said that. It's a wonderful way to stay connected to family and friends via the Internet. And it's free. Anything free is good in my estimation. Go to and get set up.

When Dave dropped me off this morning he called me a Skyping fool...don't let him fool you, he enjoyed the conversation last night as well, matter of fact he was amazed at the quality and clarity of the program.

So come join the party and let's Skype together! We are available in the evenings to talk.

Happy Trails.....

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  1. Yes, sireeee, it sure was fun SEEING and talking with you and Dave last night. Sure makes you feel closer when you can see each other. Hope more people join Skype


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