Tick City...

The ticks in Oklahoma are horrible this year. I have not seen an infestation like this since 1987. That was the last time I had to treat my yard for ticks and fleas.

This past Tuesday Christie took her dogs for a walk out at the lake and then a swim. What she didn't count on was the ticks that started to cover her and her dogs. At some point in the walk the dogs leads became tangled and she stopped to untangle them and discovered ticks were all over her shoes and she could hear them falling from the trees like rain onto the leaves below. She then rushed to get the dogs to the lake to let them swim and try to get some of the ticks off of them and her.

Later that evening we went to PetSmart and got a tick shampoo and came back and bathed the dogs as they were covered with Lone Star ticks. Chris even had some on her. For the next several days we found ticks on the dogs, in the car and in the house. We even found one on our little guy that didn't even go to the lake. So a through cleaning of the furniture and carpet is in store this weekend as well as a good spraying of the yard.

Years ago we would have sprayed the yard with Diazinon insecticide and that would have been the end of any bug problem for years. This weekend I will get some Malathion or something comparable to spray the yard with, less toxicity to pets and humans.

Happy Trails...

PS...It's Sunday and we're still battling the ticks...UGH!!!!!!! The ticks from the lake are dead but the ones in the yard are making an aggressive stand. I will win this battle!

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  1. Boy I don't envy you I just HATE ticks! Continue the valiant battle!


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