Family and the Baby Shower

Getting it all put together before the guests arrive.

Last weekend Heather and J came into town for a baby shower. My goodness is this girl pregnant or what! Her Auntie Karen, Uncle Frank and Cousin Russ came down from Tulsa. Her girlfriends, camp friends and sorority sisters came into town to celebrate and family friends attended as well. Everyone had a great time getting to visit as a lot of them had not see each other since everyone went their separate ways.

Cousin Russ giving Heather a shoulder rub.

The cup-cake cake was darling but not what I had ordered but we went with it anyway as there was not time to redo it. Besides I got a good discount on it so I can't really complain. I made a double recipe of the RV Cooking Shows "Paulette's Cuban Cowboy Caviar" the only thing I changed was...OK...I didn't have time to make the red wine vinaigrette so I put Zesty Italian Dressing on instead. It was good and a big hit! Auntie Karen, a hostess, brought a big bag of Qdoba's homemade chips and baby blue and tan M&Ms. Kelcey, another one of the hostesses and sorority sister brought Ginger Ale, Sprite and Raspberry Sherbet for the punch and we had Iced Tea as well.
I have to thank Fr. Greenwood, one of Heather's priests from camp for the use of St. Anselm's of Canterbury for both the wedding and now the baby shower. It is a beautiful building that is now on the National Historic Register. It's a lovely place with a lovely space for such events.

Heather and Mrs. Ward, her English teacher from high school

Some of the guests in the come and go event.

We had lots of "little ones" at the shower giving Heather and J a wee taste of what they are in for.

Heather and J with Heather's "Sisters" Kelcey and her little one, Desmond, Nicole, Amber & Andrea

After we finished the baby shower we went over to "The Greek House" a local favorite for some real authentic Greek food. We have been eating there since we moved to Norman. When the family who owns and operates the restaurant goes to Greece for their month long vacation we have to suffer here. You should see the place when they return, the line is out the door and around the corner of the building for several days.

After we finished the meal family and friends departed and we got to have short but nice visit with the kids for the remainder of the weekend.
We had a fish fry on Sunday with the fish my brother brought down on Saturday. He and Russ caught over 120 bass and filleted them out. Oh such good eating!

Christie shucking sweet corn

Heather is starting to get to the miserable stage with swollen feet and a rash from her diabetic medication. She now goes to the Dr. once a week for follow-up. Her due date is in July, but this boy may come sooner. We will just have to wait and see. For now...

Happy Trails...

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