The most dreaded word in world...besides Social Security.  I have come to find out recently that I dread getting mail from Social Security.  What more are they going to take away from me?

Back to taxes...I am finishing up my taxes and have promised myself that I will not work on my motorhome until they are done and out of my hair.  I think that will give me some incentive to get them done. I really don't lack much in finishing them.

Normally I am more organized than what I currently am, but ever since Dave passed away I find myself being dragged 20 different directions and not able to stick to any one project for long. It's frustrating to be sure. I know in time it will get better, but it's taking too long!

Once I finish these it will be time to start on the 2014 taxes. I really don't think it ever ends does it.

16 days until I retire! 


  1. I'm happy you are still planning to travel the shared dream. May see you out on the road someday.

    1. Dragonfly...Hope to see you too. Looking forward to seeing your rig.


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