Almost There...

Recently I wrote about finishing up my taxes.  In all that had gone on with being lost in a fog for eight months and such, I was unable to find all my information on 2011 and searched high and low. Being totally distraught in thinking I would have to compile everything again, I turned the problem over to the Lord and prayers were answered.  Praise God! 
One like this will be traveling with me

This weekend I have been plugging in information into my spreadsheets and should have everything done by the middle of this coming week and then off they go to my accountant.  

How do I liberating that will be.  THEY ARE FINISHED!!!!!!  

This has been the most difficult 8 months of my life with many more months ahead, I'm sure. The only other time that has been close to this was the death of my mother.  I will say, I seem to be recovering a bit more quickly this time.  When mom died I couldn't read anything. I could not seem to get past the third paragraph of any book or article for 3 years. I had difficulty paying the bills and keeping it together.  This time I have been able to read several books...Thanks Gaye Lynn Wood and Nick Russell. Also if I didn't get the bills paid it was solely on me. It had to be done and so it was.  

Life goes and there is no point in being left behind. One must continue so that memories may be not forgotten. I know I will have a lot of rocky moments, especially in one week and two days.  That is the day I say good bye to 16 years at the University and working with a great bunch of people who care about me. I only hope I can keep it together.

Starting out on a new adventure is a bit daunting but I know I will have lots of help to get me going.  The laundry list is long of things I have to do and it's like the never ending gobstopper, it just seem to be growing. 

I have so much to learn how to do and how to keep my rig up and running. At the moment it is dead in the water.  I went to start it up yesterday and the battery is dead. Not good!  But I'm getting some help this week and hopefully will get it up and going again and hopefully I can keep it going. I did go out briefly yesterday and wash the woodwork in the front part of the rig with Murphy Oil Soap and wipe the counter tops down and clean out the bathroom sink and kitchen sink. I want to oil all the wood and make it shine. 

Christmas is almost here and for the most part I have done all my shopping on-line. I have things I need to get for the boys and their daddy. The girls have been finished for awhile now.
Thank goodness this (snow) hasn't happen
yet, but lights are up and lit
 I have not decorated the inside of the house yet but I do have my outside Christmas lights up thanks in part to a very nice young man who helps me out a lot.  

Soon I will be writing a new blog about my travels with my three dogs.  When that time comes I will attach a link to this blog in the side bar that will take you to it. The name is "My Big Adventure with Three Dogs". 

For all the solo women out there, how scared were you to take that first big step...when you actually got in your rig or truck or car and drove away?  What was going through your mind?  I just want to know if I am normal...scared s%#!&(@s? You have to understand, I come from a time when young ladies lived at home, were under the protection of their parents until they married, then protected by their husbands. So for all 65 years of my life I have had someone there for me. 

This is the first time in my life that I have ever been on my own.  It's not a feeling I like. I don't like not having someone to talk to, that can carry on a conversation with me.  The dogs look at me like I'm crazy and their conversation skills leave much to be desired when I can't translate Woof, woof...woof-woof-woof...yap, snarl, snarl...Woof!
The three furbateers
Yes...I get when it's time to feed them, give them water and let them out and back in and such, it's the other times when out of no where the chorus begins and I am left in the dark. Anyone out there speak dog? To be certain, I howl too!  Feel like I should join in with the pack. Maybe they will begin to look at me as the Alpha. 

Wisdom begins in wonder.  Socrates

And so it begins...


  1. You will be fine. Take an RV driving class and go to Escapees Boot Camp asap. BTW a lot of us use Liquid Gold on our woodwork.

  2. Have you looked at the RV solo groups or Single women groups? I think Jamie Hall Bruzenak (sp ??) has a book about solo RVing on her page - Check out
    Wishing you the best!

  3. Name of Book: Women's Guide to Solo RVing.


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