Light Bulb, Oh S#!% Moment...

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realized that you promised someone something and it totally slipped your mind.  I had one of those moments on Tuesday. 

The daughter of a very close family friend called to let me know that her mom had passed away. Betty Jain was Godmother to our now 31 year old daughter. For 22 years she had been the head Librarian for the City of Moore, OK Library. During our conversation I promised to bring dinner over to the family after the service on Tuesday.

Fast forward...On Tuesday I'm sitting in the church with the other mourners waiting for the family. The family starts to come in to be seated and at that moment it hits me between the eyes, Oh S#!% I forgot to make the dinner I promised! What do you do, what do you do?

I knew what I was going to make; Spaghetti with meat sauce, Italian Garlic Bread, Salad with dressing.  After the lovely service and paying my respects, I dashed off to Wal-Mart to make my hasty purchase.  Rushing home I briefly stopped at a Subway and got a sandwich as I had to go back to work. 

I have never fixed Spaghetti sauce in a crock-pot, but there is always room for something new.  I crumbled up the meat in the crock-pot poured the Prego sauce over it stirred it in put the lid on and fired up the crock-pot by flipping the switch.

Back to work I went. Christie our youngest daughter called to say she was about two hours away from Norman and would be home soon.  I realized that I had forgot to pick up some aluminum serving pans and asked if she would pick up a couple. After work I rushed home and started boiling up the spaghetti noodles.   After the first set of noodles had finished cooking I put them in the clean serving pan and ladled some of  the meat sauce on top and stirred it in. The second set of noodles were soon finished and after draining them I put those into the serving pan and finished topping it off with the rest of the meat sauce, stirred it up and sprinkled shredded Parmesan Cheese over the top.

Christie and I gathered up everything and headed over to the Jain's house. There were 13 people there to eat and the meal turned out wonderful. We were invited to stay and eat with them.  As the saying goes "If the cook won't eat it why should we!" We had a lovely visit and treasured our time with "Uncle" Gil.

Betty had Cerebral Palsy, but did not let it get in the way of her life. I can only have the greatest admiration for this wonderful woman who lived her life to the fullest.

Betty will be sorely missed by her family but her love will always be present and felt by many.

Rest well dear Betty, rest well and one day we shall meet again!

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