Friends Passing Through...And Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow what a busy week it's been for us. The beginning of the week started out rather slowly, but like a Rollin stone that gathers no moss, from Tuesday on we have been on the run.

I'm in rehearsals for Beethoven's 9th Symphony being presented here at the University of Oklahoma on Saturday, April 20th. Constantly singing high A's is taking a toll on my voice. I firmly believe that Ludwig Von Beethoven hated Sopranos. Otherwise we would be singing something beautiful and great and not screaming our vocal chords to death on a single note.

Wednesday we had two huge trees removed. Unfortunately we have several more big trees that need to come down. Between a horrific ice storm in 2007 and two years of drought, all of our big trees that have provided so much shade for our house for many years have just upped and died. Matter of fact I can stand in my yard and count at least 10 trees in the neighborhood that have bit the sawdust heaven and know of at least 10 that have been removed already.

Bobbie and Jim
Linda X 2
Our friends Bobbie and Jim Chapman passed through to see us and some other friends, The Two Lindas, who were camped out at the lake. We all got together and shared a meal. Bobbie fixed some wonderful beef stew and a vegetable medley that was delicious. We took a bean, corn, pepper, green onion, avocado salad and a no added sugar apple pie from Sprouts. I wish our visit could have been longer but B and J had been up since 4:00a.m., and after driving in from Sanger, TX both were very tired.  Bobbie was also worried about her little dachshund Poncho who had gotten into some chocolate.  Thankfully he is better.

Thursday was a busy day at work as it’s the end of the month, a lot of data entry to be done. Later in the afternoon I went to a reception for a co-worker who was retiring. Ran to the County Treasurers office to pay the second half of our taxes before they closed as I found out they were not going to be open on Friday due to it being Good Friday. Sure don't want to pay that penalty and went to Sprouts again to partake in all their specials they were advertising. I purchased some apple chicken sausage that was wonderful and left the store with 4 large reusable shopping bags that were loaded down and only spent $40.00. That I can live with.

Friday has been spent finishing up the end of the month in the office and getting ready for April's business. Hmmm, what to do for dinner, I don't know but I will think of something, I always do. Maybe Dave will take me to dinner, hint, hint, maybe to Cracker Barrel for their Fish Fry Friday?  Hopefully we will go to Hastings afterwards and get some coffee.

I will take it easy this weekend, maybe enjoy a morning fire tomorrow with my cup of coffee in hand and watch the dogs play outside, or maybe Dave and I can get together with the Linda's and partake in an evening meal or a movie. They will be here for two weeks then they move on to their next destination to work. I know we will see them sometime before they leave the area. They are two really neat ladies and we like them a lot.

Next weekend will be Medieval Fair weekend and my youngest 30th birthday. What?!?!?!  Did I just say 30????? Oh, my gosh where did the time go? It flies for sure; blink and they’re all grown up with jobs and responsibilities.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

Happy trails...

650 Days and Counting

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