Linda and Linda....Maggie and John

I had Friday and Monday off last week so it made for a nice 4 day weekend. I managed to get quite a few things done that I had been wanting to do. I got my seeds started in homemade pots made out of newspapers. Got more tree debris picked up out of the back yard from
where we had it cut down. We had a good day of rain on Tuesday, the storms that were to develop didn't and we are thankful, but it did bring some very cold air in so I had to break out some of my sweaters to wear for a few days.
The two Linda’s texted to see if we wanted to see a movie. Of course! We were game and met them at the Hollywood Theatre here in Norman to see "Identity Theft" with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy,
Linda B - Me - Linda S
hilarious! She is one funny lady. Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and to catch up with the girls and their adventures. Dave and the Linda's had meals from the breakfast menu but since it was Friday I had the Friday Fish Fry. I swear that I am getting catfish instead of the Cod that I order, third time in a row. But I digress...Both of the girls had Lasik surgery last year and are doing well. One of the Linda's is going to have to have a touch up for her astigmatism though. She was telling us about an internship that she got to the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice for next fall; it sounds great and such an opportunity for her. I know she will enjoy it and take away many wonderful experiences and memories. After dinner we sat out on the front porch of Cracker Barrel and had more of our questions answered about full-timing and working out on the road.
The Three Musketeers aka Fur Babies aka Trouble

It was getting late and we had to get back to the house and feed the troops and let them out for a potty break. They too had to get back to their rig to let Boomer out as well. Doggies can hold it only so long and then...well you get the drift.

The Linda's moved out of the area Thursday and up the highway about 25 miles to Oklahoma City and the Twin Fountains RV Park. to work there for two weeks. We will see them again before they leave the area and head west.

About three weeks ago we met a couple out watching for the comet. Maggie and John Thompson are a delightful couple our age who sold their home and have moved into an RV Park west of Norman. We met up with them on Sunday and had dinner at Cheddars here in Norman.
John and Maggie
John is semi-retired and will fully retire in a couple of years. He works for a company that makes and fits braces on existing limbs. Maggie is retired from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center but has a therapy dog named Bailey which she takes up to the hospital and makes the rounds in the Adult care section. Bailey is a Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie mix). They have another Morkie, April who is just a youngster and a real cutie pie. We had a delightful time talking and dinner was wonderful. They brought their iPad to show us some of the pictures of their Alaska trip. Wow what a wonderful trip and wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing you two. We plan to hook up again.

A big shout out to two new followers on my blog, WestieWaggin' and MAGGIE MAE. Both of these couples live within 15 miles of us. Amazing how you can meet new people on the Blogs that you would have never met before. I am lovin' it!

636 Days and counting!



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  1. Great blog post, Susie. Glad you got to see The Lindas again.


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