A Gathering and Plans Set in Jello...

Strange how things work out, I started a new blog the other day called MiaFoodies. The Two Linda’s left a comment on my comment page saying they looked forward to seeing us again this year. We met them after friends of ours Bobbie and Jim Chapman introduced us to them via blog. Bobbie and Jim are full-time RVers that we met three years ago while camping in Colorado. They rescued us when our car broke down. They were the camphosts at the campground we were staying in.

Bobbie and Jim

I texted Bobbie after noting on her blog that they were on the road traveling towards Colorado, saying wouldn't it be lovely if we could all get together as the Two Lindas were due to arrive here on Wednesday. I got a reply back from her saying to give the Two Linda's a hug from them as they would not be coming this way.                                                                 
Me and the Two Linda's

Now here comes Jello. What I think that attracts me to the RV lifestyle is the fact that you can pretty much change your mind at the last minute and go where you want. I got a text yesterday from Bobbie saying, plans have change, they are coming in on Wednesday and are going to be out at the lake camping with the Two Linda's and we are all going to get together and have dinner. How fun is that!

I went to the new Sprouts Farmers Market to check things out during their preview and WOW I am dually impressed with the market. I will pop by at noon and get the items for my salad and get that put together and get a pie, Apple of course. 

I can’t wait to see our friends again…come on minutes go by faster!

Happy trails…

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  1. We sure did have a good time together, didn't we? Love when that jello gets shook up (is that a word?) and the travel plans get changed around.


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