Yippeeeeeee....A Real Job...

As a rule of thumb the wheels of bureaucracy moves oh so ever slow when it comes to public institutions of higher learning. But in the case of our daughter Christie it was faster than the speed of light.  I posted she was home after striking out at finding a job up in the Northern states in her field. 

She applied for a job on Thursday the 30th of August with her old Alma mater, on the following Monday September the 3rd she got an email from a recruiter out of Dallas wanting to set up a call for the next day.  Tuesday came and by the end of the conversation the recruiter wanted to do a more formal telephone interview with her on Monday the 10th of September at 2pm.  Her daddy and I waited to hear the news.  At 3:15pm I texted her and asked how it went to which she replied "It went very well. She told me she wants to hire me and just wants to get the okay from her boss."So a luncheon interview is set up for the next day September 11th.

The luncheon goes well and they spend an hour and a half talking, another interview this time with the Interim Executive Director for Prospective Students. At 2:00pm I text her and ask "Well???" she texts me back with " I don't know. Kimberly will get a hold of me soon to let me know." At 3:10pm she texts "GOT IT!!!!!"    The job...a National Recruiter for Prospective Students for the University of Oklahoma. Apparently they had lots of applicants but Recruiting Services was interested in the fact that she was from Norman, knew the University since both her parent worked here, knew the culture and was willing to relocated to Kansas City, Missouri.  Apparently the other applicants didn't want to relocated to Kansas City. 

She starts training Friday September 14th. For the next two weeks she is here training and then we will move her sometime mid October.  Her first real professional paying job!  Yea!

Prayers were answered...many thanks to all of you.

Happy trails...


  1. Wonderful news for certain. Especially in these times. Just confirms my thoughts all along that there are plenty of jobs out there for folks who want to work, in spite of all stuff on the news.

  2. How wonderful! Please congratulate her from us.

  3. Great news ! Congrats to your daughter. She joins the ranks of college employees which is an awesome environment for her.I know my daughter loves her job at Berklee and I loved mine for 18 years.


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