The Kid is Home...For Now

Christie our daughter loved her year in Cleveland, but her internship was up as was her apartment lease. She extended her stay for a month by staying with her boss while she continued to hunt for a job in the area. She thought she had a good bite on one job as she had a face to face interview with a school in Michigan. She wants to work in Athletic Compliance.  The job market for Compliance Officers has pretty much dried up for this year.  So she headed home. 

She had never driven a box truck and towed a car hauler before. With the help of the husband of her boss she was able to get her truck loaded and her car on the on the car hauler and be on her way  two weeks ago today. She left Cleveland, OH around 1:00p.m. and drove until 2:00a.m. the next morning stopping in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  Was up by 7:30a.m. and on the road again and arrived here in Norman around 2:30p.m.

Her daddy went with her to U-Haul to get the car off the trailer and drop the trailer returning home with the truck.  They checked into getting a storage locker for her.  With her truck rental and such she was eligible for a month of free storage.  Sweet! 

Last Thursday she had to turn the truck back in a get her stuff put into storage.  She kept her couch, computer table and TV and put those items in her room along with the 3 dog beds. They love to sleep with her. 

She is still searching for a job.  We will see what happens. Keep her in your prayers that she is able to find employment as she has another nibble.

Happy trails...

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