Potato Chips...Million Dollar Prize...

I'm always in the kitchen piddling with recipes. There have been times when I thought of having a recipe blog.  I sorta have that on a back burner. Still thinking about it. Changing the subject, I am so excited! Here is a big shout out to my new follower, a BIG OKIE WELCOME to SM KLINGER who is on a long vacation touring the National Parks this summer.

Anyways, this past Sunday I was going through some emails when one of my cooking emails brought forth a recipe that sounded like fun. Homemade Potato Chips.  Hmmmm...just a few days before I saw a commercial for Lay's Potato Chips and how they were looking for the next big flavor where there would be a million dollar prize award for the best original flavor.  Who am I to not go for a million dollar prize...I'm in!

One of the items that the recipe called for was a mandoline slicer.  "Well that lets me out...hold on there Nellie" I thought to myself.  "You have been cooking for a long time now and you have practically every piece of equipment you might need.  Hand slice those suckers, you have the knife!" 

When I had my little food trailer, The Food Basket, that I hauled around central Oklahoma to provide food to auction crowds, I had a machine that was a converted drill and would make a continuous string of very thinly sliced potatoes like potato chips.  We called them Butterfly Fries.  Boy were they ever good. I had a special ingredient that I sprinkled on them and the crowd loved them along with my Cajun Onion Burger. I knew I could hand cut them that thin.

I digress, into the kitchen I went looking to see what I had available.  The only potatoes in the house were little red new potatoes. I thought about what else I needed and pulled all the equipment and ingredients together.  Slice, slice, slice, soak, soak, soak, dry, brush, dab,spray, salt and cook in the Microwave for 2 minutes.  Ha...Ha! You thought I was going to give away my secret didn't you! No, No, No! As I wag my finger in playfulness.

The first batch I brought out to Dave were great.  He fell in love with them right away.  I fixed 5 more different flavors and he voted the first flavor as the best of the lot.  

I was amazed as to how easy it was to fix the chips and how low cal. they were as there was practically no grease involved. Why would I do them in the microwave?  Being a diabetic, grease is not a good companion.  By microwaving them, it cooks them to a great crunch and your hands don't get greasy and your less likely to eat a whole bag, if you fix just one #10 russet potato.  I can live with that.  

So if you have time on your hands and a do nothing Sunday afternoon, try making up a batch of homemade potato chips. You never know, a million dollars may be waiting around the corner. 

Happy trails...

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  1. what a great idea....good for you.

  2. Sounds scrumptious. Good Luck to you in your million dollar quest!


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