Ah...Affairs of the Heart...

In one of my last blogs I talked about having a chemical stress test on my heart.  Got the news back yesterday that everything was ok and I was good to go.  Boy did that lift a weight off my chest!

It's amazing how you imagine everything.  Women are suppose to have different symtoms of a heart attack than men.  Every little pressure I had was, this is it, syndrom.  But until you actually get the worry.  The up side to all of this is we now have a bench mark of my heart for my diabetes.  My blood sugar is coming down and so is my weight.  I have lost 16 lbs. since the last week in August and have dropped my blood sugar 66 points.  Do I still crave carbs...YES, but I now know what's at stake and I work on making better choices in what I eat.  I am determined to not go on medication if I can control it with diet and exercise.  Where is my Wii when I need it.  Still collecting dust I see...Dave, get it hooked up for me!

Happy trails...


  1. Very proud of you and your weight lose! Are you off all carbs?

  2. No, I am allowed 150 carbs a day. I am watching what I eat through, it helps you to see what you are eating nutrition wise. It's a good tool.

  3. Great news about your hear and your diabetes as well. You go Girl!

    Worry is our worst enemy. The fear of things unknown and unseen, the fear of the possible. Not usually reality, I have found and I am quite thankful for that!!!!


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