Yesterday way a day for earthquakes here in central Oklahoma.  I have felt one before while sitting in my office at the university. But last night we had a 5.6 quake here and I can tell you the house was shaking pretty good. 

Dave and I were sitting in the living room watching a delayed version of Prime Suspect when the quake hit around 10:10 p.m..  The dogs jumped up and started barking and we had things falling off the piano, video tapes falling off their stacks, some cups came off a shelf and some of my Mary Kay product ended up on the floor.

We've had over 40 aftershocks, non that I have felt.  We had 3 quakes that led up to the large one last night. Here is a map that you can get up to the minute information. It's really interesting as it also has information about boarder incidents, Hazmat information and a plethora of other information you might find interesting.

If you haven't done it yet be sure to set your clocks back so your not late to any appointments or work.

Happy trails....

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