Social Security?????

It's not every day that one becomes eligible for Social Security. But yesterday I did...I hit the big XX. Will I quit my job and collect? NO! Besides the spouses don't get to collect all that much anyways, half of what the larger bread winner makes. I still have a few years to go before I hit the bigger number and then I will retire, if I can afford to. The way things are going I am beginning to have my doubts.

I had a lovely day yesterday with lots of well wishes from my friends on Facebook, co-workers and family. Dave took me to Outback Restaurant so we could order off the Red, White and Blue menu to help out the troops. I had steak and crab cakes with steamed french green beans and a Sailor Jerry's drinks. It was good. After dinner we went and got a Chocolate Heath Bar Mix at Braum's.
It's my favourite desert.

Dave gave me a Nikon Cool Pix's 14.5 mega pixel camera. Everyone else in the family have cameras that have all the goodies, I had a little Kodak head shot camera for my MK business that printed out pictures that I could give the customer. So this is a welcomed addition to the camera family that we have.
I am ready to go out this weekend and take some snaps.

Today I got a box from my daughter in Georgia filled with lots of goodies. She got a great buy from Bath and Body Works and sent me a whole lot of fun stuff in the way of scents. What was so funny about it was that she got me the exact same birthday card that Dave got me. As they both said there weren't very many good cards out there for St. Patrick's Day Birthdays.

I even got a text from our friends Jim and Bobbie asking if we wanted company soon to which I replied "We would love it." They will becoming through our area on their way back to Colorado to be Camp Hosts at Park Creek campground just outside of Southfork, Co. You can read Bobbie's blog here. They are a fun couple to follow and I always enjoy reading her blog. They've been in the Deep South this winter and have had a great time.

All in all I had a great day.

Happy Trails....

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  1. Interesting. Joan just applied for her SS and will start receiving benefits in May or June. Thanks for putting me onto your friends blog. We are planning to spend the summer in Fun Valley, what with the price of diesel going through the roof. We might just drop in on those folks.


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