A Memory...

It's funny how you will take a sniff of something and it will bring back a long forgotten memory. For me it was dark rye bread. Saturday I opened a new bag of dark rye bread and was hit with a flood of memories of my mom. dad and grandmother.

I was raised on Braunschweiger or as some people call it Liverwurst. My mom would get the little party rye breads, put mustard, thinly sliced onions and about a tablespoon or so of Liverwurst on the rye bread. She would make up a whole plate of these for my dad. He would eat them with dill pickles and a glass of chocolate milk.

I do not have a fondness for liver. It's one of those meats that you can take or leave and I prefer to leave it for someone else to eat, but mention liverwurst or braunschweiger to me and I am ready to sit down and chow down.

Saturday when I opened the rye bread, I knew that I was going to have to find some liverwurst. I have not had it in 25 or so years. So while we were out looking at RV's again this weekend we made a stop at Crest Foods in Moore, OK and I went in search of the Braunschweiger by Oscar Mayer Foods. I found it! It was packaged just as I had remembered it as a child. I went home and took a slice of rye bread, cut it in half and put on the mustard, liverwurst, thinly sliced onions, put the top of the sandwich on and enjoyed! Just as I had remembered it from my childhood, It was so good.

Memory satisfied! Now I have a whole tube of Braunschwieger to eat. Hmmm...I know, it's one way I can get the dogs to take their medicine. Here, Fitz will eat it! So will Bear and Lizzy. But they're going to have to wait because I am going to have a sandwich for lunch. I may even have a pickle. Yum!

Happy trails...


  1. What a nice post, Susie. I'm glad you went and bought the liverwurst and satisfied the memory. Good for you.

  2. A wonderful post that brings up memories of my own. Not of liverworst but other things. Thanks for the memories!


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