My Birthday...

It's not every day that one gets to celebrate their 61st birthday. But Wednesday is my birthday. So happens it falls on a very famous person's date of death. Yes, St. Patrick's Day. So each year I don some green, have a traditional Irish dinner of corned beef, red potatoes, carrots, cabbage and homemade Irish soda bread to celebrate my birthday. Oh to be me! And yes, after looking into my ancestry, I am part Irish.

I remember one year when I was in elementary school my mother volunteered to help in the school lunch room. She went to the hairdressers that morning before she showed up at school, you guessed it, green hair! You see mom was a bleach blond and she thought it would be "cool" to show up on my birthday in the lunchroom with green hair for St. Patrick's Day. I was mortified but the other kids in my school thought it was great, I ended up being the talk of the school plus I got use to it before the day was over. One year she showed up at school with pink hair for Valentine's Day. What can one say, Mom was unique!

For my 18th birthday she had my second cousin who was a outstanding baker in Tulsa make my birthday cake (he also made my wedding cake). It was covered with musical staffs and notes as I was performing in my first opera on my birthday. The candles were made of rolled one dollar bills. How cool was that!

However I never really understood the pinching part of my birthday and why some people just had to pinch the fire out of my arm. I always ended up with some pretty hefty bruises. I got ornery enough to hide my green and when they would pinch me I would show my green and pinch them back.

Would I want to be young again? I don't think so, I like where I am now. Getting ready to retire in the next year or two, hitting the open road and see what adventures I can find. Especially with a new grand baby on the way.
The cake pictured above is a box cake (white) with each layer sliced in half. stuffed with sliced sugar glazed fresh strawberries and whipped cream and then the whole thing covered with whipped cream and topped with strawberries.It has to be refrigerated. But it is sooooo gooood! Yes, I made it.

Happy Trails and "Tut ,,Hibb Juibba Langlang.."


  1. Nice, nice post...very interesting about your mom. Happy birthday in advance.

  2. Happy birthday - the cake looks yummy.


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