Poor Fitz

Day 3 of the bathroom remodel...

Over the weekend I got my daughters dogs to babysit for about 3 weeks. Of course Fitz, the wiley German Shepherd-Lab mix decided to bust through my back garage door and get into the trash thus getting a great case of garbage gut. On Sunday night he had a seizure and then was not able to get up due to a sprained rear knee. Great huh...

My car has been in the shop getting body work done and I have a rental...what to do?  Solution...throw a big sheet over the seats and haul him to the vet. Of course he acts like a maniac when he gets there showing off his dominance and hurts himself even more. We get meds and I bring him back home and he plops himself back down on he bed and remains there looking at me with big doleful eyes like "What did I do Mum"? He is all better now and feeling his oats again.

I've had to by a special pet gate to put up in my bedroom to keep the dogs in the back part of the house and boy do they not like it if I am not in there with them.  I hear it through their howlingluia chorus.  The big boy starts it, then in chimes little bit then little girl brings up the rear.  You defiantly know the kids are home with all that racket.
The crew

Kevin and Rob worked on building the new framing for the shower. They had to replace all the wood around the door due to water damage. Then they went in and sealed all the wood with a sealer to kill any possible mold, not that we found any.  More of a precaution.

I didn't know there was so much to be done, to be torn out before you could start the rebuild. But it looks like it has started! Yea!

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