Going Shopping..

Day 2 of the bathroom remodel. It was a working on the loan and shopping day. The loan work took up most of the morning as we ran into title trouble. The lien on the car was never released from the previous owner, however we got it all straighten out for a price, of course. With that said the loan went through. Yea!

Afterwards I met Kevin up at Locke Supply on West Reno in Oklahoma City. Their showroom is in that particular store. 

Oh so much to look at, so much to choose from. Decisions, decisions! I picked out a shower faucet, single lever, shower head, 2 sinks, 3 lights and towel bars. Kevin had already picked out the toilets for me. At first I was going to keep my present sink faucet but decided to get a new fancy schmancy one. It is going to be so pretty!

After that we went to Crossville Tile on South MacArthur to pick out the tile for the shower. I didn't realize there was so much you had get. I even had to decide what color of grout for the tile floor in the shower. Thanks Mona for all your suggestions.  

Then off I went to Tuttle to pick out the granite counter tops for the cabinets at Natural Wonders Marble and Granite. Very nice people there and Kimberly was so helpful! Thanks so much for your input.  

Once it was all said and done it was 5:30 pm.  I didn't know the day could go so fast. Shopping was FUN!

More demo tomorrow, more dog setting as I have one dog who is sick. Somehow I will have to get him to the vet tomorrow.

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