Laying Low For Now...

Spring is drifting into summer and not too many more days until the heat will begin to turn into a blast furnace here in Oklahoma. And the whirl of thousands of energy meters will begin to spin like a whirligig in a tornado. 

For now I have decided to lay low and heal my back, as I have 4 bulging discs that seem to want to control my life for the moment.  I am seeing a chiropractor who is working miracles.  For the first time in over 50 years (an auto accident when I was 17) I am able to have full rotation of my head to the left. Ever so slowly he is helping me to gain mobility in my lower back. Hopefully I can avoid surgery.  The auto accident last July didn't help matters much either. 

Friday morning for the first time in over 2 years I literally was able to swing my legs off of the bed in one fell swoop, stand up and walk. Normally I have to struggle to be able to sit up and get my legs over the side of the bed then I have to struggle to stand up holding onto a walker to steady myself before trying to take a step or two.  Not this morning! I literally amazed myself. However I do know my limitations.

A week or two back my young man Ben and a friend of his, came and removed the fencing separating out the yards. Now I have one big back yard which the
Room For the Grand-kids to Roam and the Dogs to Frolic
boys will have a blast playing in and chasing each other in. The dogs will have a ball being able to stretch their legs, however we will have to see how that all plays out. The fence may have to go back up if the dog can't behave themselves. I hope not as Bear loves having room to roam. 

Saturday Ben brought all of the food in the
Dinning Room Table Loaded
Kitchen Island and Counters Loaded

More Food on the Floor and Counters.
motorhome into the house, as it is starting to get very hot in there and the heat is not good for the food. I didn't realize there was so much food
in the motorhome. So....where to put it?  Trying to find a place is a bit daunting as I am trying to rearrange my kitchen into zones at this time. However knowing me, I will find a place.

I have moved the center island up against the wall creating more space for people other than myself to work in the kitchen.  I think Dave would have liked
More Room to Move About in Kitchen Now

Future Baking Center
this arrangement, I know I do. Where my microwave is now will become my baking center. My kitchen-aid mixer will go there with all my mixing bowls, measuring cups, spoons, baking flours and other accouterments in the cupboards above and below. Yes I will take pictures and post in a future blog. 
Cupboards unloaded ready for remodel

I am getting a new microwave/convection oven that is going in over my stove as I'm getting a new built in wall oven as well. The old built in wall oven died a painful death several years ago. Since then I have been using a counter top convection oven that doesn't cook a turkey very well, actually not at all. So I will be freeing up space on my counter-tops, only to be covered up with something my daughters say. 
Some of the New Colors in My Kitchen Makeover

The cabinets are also getting a new coat of paint. The theme is Fiesta, many cheerful colors! The base color of the kitchen cabinets will be white, but each drawer will have its own color.  It will be very colorful and bright. I cannot change the counter tops which are bright sunshine yellow but I can change the color of the paint and make it look fresh, bright, and happy once again. Anything to help my mood. Anything to make my family come home.  Anything to make people fill this house with laughter once again. 

Heather is coming home soon to help me go through and start sorting all the paraphernalia out and getting rid of a lot of the "STUFF" in the house. J and the kids and Christie will be coming in, in July for more "FAMILY" time and more sorting and getting rid of "STUFF." I am getting a big waste management dumpster as we will be going not only through the house, but the shed, garage and attic as well. 

I am having a new garage door installed along with a garage door opener, as I am no longer able to lift the old original wooden garage door due to my back. At the conclusion of all this hard work we will have a big YARD SALE!  

Little by little I will repaint each room with a fresh coat of paint.  The room where I have my craft and sewing room has not been redone since Christie was born 33 years ago, I think it's due. My bedroom needs a drastic makeover as well as I never redid it after I closed my daycare down 20 years ago, again...I think it's due. New paint, new curtains, new bed maybe a new me. Who knows...Andy may get his wish after all. 

Yes, it may be a hot summer here in Oklahoma but it's going to be a cool one here at the Smeal house!

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