The results are in...

I met with the Doctor and he said that I have Microscopic Colitis of the colon. This answers a lot of questions. I have to be on a restricted diet for a while and some very expensive medication. Also I don't have Celiac Disease but I do have a gluten sensitivity which means it is best that I stay far away from all products made from wheat, barley, oats and rye. It's amazing what all wheat is in and it's not reported as the FDA doesn't require it to be labeled if it is a filler. 

Trying to find out what I can eat has been rather daunting.  I found out what I can't eat and that is pretty much everything. I can eat applesauce, bananas, which I don't eat, and rice. Great diet, eh!
No Dairy, which I don't eat anyways, no fried foods, no raw vegetables or fruits, no caffeine, no nuts or seeds, no eggs, fats, no processed foods or foods that contain sugar or fiber. So I ask you what is there to eat? 

Also, I have to reduce my stress levels which have been elevated since Dave passed away as all of this is a whole new scene for me and I'm having to make many adjustments.  

So there you have it...Time for good old bone broth, anyone out there have a good recipe for it?

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