Colorado Rocky Mountain High...

I just love John Denver...his music is never far from my heart. Matter of fact I'm suppose to be in Colorado right now basking in the glorious crisp, cool mountain air, painting beautiful vistas upon my canvases, eating good food with friends...NOT! What happened to this beautiful scene? 
Big Meadow

Mount Blanca
"You fill up my senses, like a walk in the forest"...oops there I go again thinking I am there gazing upon Mount Blanca, or at least wishing I was.

Mountain Moss

I was injured in a car accident in mid July and am recovering slowly. At least I can drive now. Before I couldn't, had a headache that wouldn't quit and pain in my back that was...well let me put it this way...it was/is the pits.  This is apparently going to be a long recovery.  
I am in the grey car. Thank the good Lord the lady in the red
car had insurance.

I am determined that this is not going to keep me from getting out and enjoying my motorhome and meeting and making new friends. I have places to go, things to do/see, people to meet. Life to live. 

I have to calculate every move I make now, think things through and write down everything because I can't remember squat. The doctor told me this would happen and said it could/would take months to recover. Prime example: A friend came by this past Saturday to pick me up to go to a meeting in another city. I was suppose to be ready to walk out the door at 7:30 a.m. I woke up at 8:10 to my dogs barking and my neighbor trying to break into my home to see if I was okay. I totally forgot to set my alarm, even though we had discussed it two days before, even then it didn't dawn on me why they were trying to get into my house until I saw her.  Scary huh...! If I do remember something I have to do it right then no matter what else I am doing.  It's a pain for right now, but the doctor says it will get better with time. Such a way to live a life.

Stay well my friends and remember to BREATH..."Rocky Mountain High...Colorado...Rocky Mountain High...Colorado..." Just can't get that tune out of my head. 

Happy Trails...


  1. praying for you to have a speedy recovery so you can get out on the road and start your new journey.

  2. Hope your recovery goes quickly! You have places to go and people to meet!

  3. Man who was trying to get in the house? Hoping you get better sooner than later!


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