Who Is This Fantastic Lady?

Gae-Lynn Woods, Author

Three years ago or so, I had just finished reading "Jet" by Indie Author Russell Blake who put up on his Facebook page a freebie book on called "The Devil of Light" by new author Gae-Lynn Woods

I took advantage of the free offer and downloaded the book from to my Kindle. Time got away from me and I set my Kindle aside and got involved with other things.  One evening when I felt like reading I picked up the Kindle and started in reading "The Devil of Light, A Cass Elliot crime Novel." Lo and behold I could not put this book down, it had me hook, line and sinker and I read it straight through.  Wow! What a read!

After finishing the book I friended her on Facebook and left a glowing comment which she replied in kind, never expecting her to reply, one thing led to another and we started conversing. The thing that interested me was Gae-Lynn lives in Marshall, Texas not far away from Longview and the kids house. Her husband Martyn Popey is a British Jazz Guitarist
Martyn Popey, licensed 
that plays at The Blue Frog in Marshall.  My husband loved Jazz and I knew he would love listening to Martyn, however it was not to be as the stars would not align and we could never get together before Dave passed away. 

I promised myself I would meet Gae-Lynn and today I did.  I was not disappointed, she is wonderful!  It's like I have known her all my life.  Easy to talk to, warm, funny, delightful and a great listener to boot.  

We planned to meet at a local restaurant for lunch. I arrived a few minutes early, while waiting, looked at all the wonderful baked goods staring me in the face, oh yum. She walked through the door and we immediately connected, gave each other a big hug like long lost friends that had not seen each other for years and wanted to catch up. She admitted that I was the first internet person for her to actually meet. We decided that we wanted Hot Dogs so we left and went to Hot Dog Express and had our coneys, sat in the cold and had a wonderful conversation on how we met our husbands and such. After finishing our lunch, Gae-Lynn asked if I liked Starbucks ... who doesn't...and off we went to warm ourselves and conversed some more.

Time almost got away from us as she had to get back to work, we departed, determined to get together again. 

I felt so at ease talking to her. What a great lady! 
I look forward seeing her again and listening to her husband play in the near future. 

Gae-Lynn, you are a true gem, and I'm honored to meet you at last. 


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