Road Trip Part 2...

Post Race Day
Sunday morning started off with a wonderful late morning breakfast at The Big Biscuit,  The meal was delicious the coffee hot and "good to the last drop". As you can see the pancakes, big as dinner plates and the biscuits as big as your thumb and middle finger together making a circle with both hands.  So light and fluffy with a certain crunch when you first bite in.
Two Eggs, Hash-browns, sausage and a Big Biscuit
with yummy sausage gravy!

Eggs, bacon and Dinner Plate light fluffy pancakes!
Yum!  The company is locally owned in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.  They employ a lot of high school and college students and everyone of them extremely nice and attentive. It was a pleasure eating there and I will go back when I am in the area.

After breakfast we went back and fed the dogs, took them for their morning walk and once their morning constitutional was done, Christie and I drove over to the Kansas side of KC. On the way there I looked for the old barn that I had snapped a picture of 21 months before, the barn is my blog header picture, sad to say the snow from this past winter finally brought it down and it is no more. We arrived at our destination and she took me to Legend's Outlets.  The place is huge!  She then took me to the Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Oh my goodness! Not only do they have furniture, but flooring, electronics, computers, appliances, fitness equipment, home decor, a Quiznos for your dining pleasure and the best for last a Chocolate store!

Christie wanted me to help her look for a couch as her little IKEA Love Seat was just too small for company.
I liked this place right away.  You got a friendly hello as you entered the establishment and most important of all you were not mobbed by salesmen.  We wandered about the store looking at one couch after another, once or twice a salesperson stepped up to see if we needed anything..."Nope...Just looking!" We had a certain price range in mind and had narrowed it down to about 3 couches.  The one we kept coming back to, sat very much like the couch she had grown up with, firm in all the right places with a nice supportive high back, her dad would have liked that. It was a very neutral color
Christie's new sectional couch
meaning there was no limit to accessorizing it with color. We snagged a salesman and told him we wanted to purchase the couch.  Easiest sale he made all day. We paid to have it scotch-guarded and it was delivered for free as there was a free delivery special going on. Can't beat free delivery! So for just over $1000.00 she got a very nice sectional couch. Of course Mom paid for it, but she is paying me back. They delivered it the following week. They had to remove her door to her apartment to get it into the living room. She informs me that it is great to take a nap on.

In this same complex is Sporting Kansas City their professional Soccer Team, the Kansas City NASCAR Speedway, Cabelas, Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas City T-Bones Baseball Park, Blue Ox Campground and across the highway is the worlds tallest water slide. You could spend a weekend in just that small corner and not see everything.  

After all that walking at the NFM we were hungry so we went to Cheeseburger Paradise. The burgers were so big we had to cut them in half and take dinner home. Our seat location inside was great, you could be placed in any seating arrangement
My All American Cheeseburger. I could hardly get
mouth around it. 

A fun place to go but can be expensive
and you had an excellent view of any TV. We watched the Royals playing Cleveland. Our two burgers with drinks and cocktails came to $40.00 plus tip.

After eating and shopping we headed back to the grocery store near Christie's apartment. I bought groceries for her. I really like the Hy-Vee grocery store she shops at, wish we had one here in Norman, I would say the closest one to it would be Crest's, a locally owned chain. Crest's meat counter can't hold a candle to Hy-vee's meat counter.  I have never ever seen a meat counter as well displayed as Hy-Vees' 

Even though she makes good money her student loans are eating her alive. So I don't mind buying groceries for her.  We arrived home unloaded her groceries and watch Sense and Sensibility, yes we are Jane Austen fans. as well as Austenland again (second time), ate the remains of our lunch, it was great reheated and talked about the days adventure.  I was tuckered out and hit the hay as I had a long drive home the next day.  
The next morning saw me up and packing, Deflated the portable bed got everything loaded into the car. We ran over to Zona Rosa Town Center and had brunch at the 54th Street Grill.  We sat out on the patio and ate.  The weather was sublime, a nice 74 degrees with crisp dry air with an ever so gentle breeze.  It was awesome!  I had a monster chicken salad that I forgot to get a picture of.  It was a work of art. We also had fresh strawberry lemonade, with sugar coating the rim.  

After lunch we walked to a specialty shop Heavenly Olive Oils that carried different types of Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oils. I purchase an aged 18 year old Traditional Balsamic and a Arbosana Olive Oil.  The proprietor said these two parings should make an absolutely fantastic salad dressing. "My" salad dressing of "Boy That's Damn Good Dressing"  That's what Dave named it and it stuck. 

We got back to the apartment and hooked up the battery on the car.  I had to nurse the car back to life, load the dogs and gave Christie one last big hug and kiss and struck out for the gas station at the Hy-Vee, filled up and hit the road. 

5 1/2 hours later(a record for me) I arrived in Norman safe and sound after a mostly uneventful drive. The one event that did happen, happened at the last McDonald's on the Kansas Turnpike. I ordered 3 plain hamburgers for the dogs and 2 cheeseburgers.  I got back out on the road and all of them were plain. YUCK! Like eating cardboard! You just have to have the pickle, onion, mustard and ketchup on a cheeseburger! 

I got the car unloaded, dogs fed, me fed and hit the bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Driving does that to me.  

I had a wonderful time in Kansas City and will be visiting there a lot once I retire in December. 

I calculated my working days up today and I have 90 working days left. 

The final countdown has now begun! The the games commence!

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