I Joined a Fantasy Football League...

“Who are you and where is my wife Susie?”  Said my hubby to me. Not wanting to spoil the moment I replied “I’m right here” to which he replied “No, my wife doesn't play Fantasy Football” “Well I do now!” said I.  Dave said we only watched the playoffs and the Dallas Cowboys on occasion but now he is amazed that we are watching Thursday night football, Sunday (all day) football and Monday night football.  We have never watched that much football ever. Normally Sundays is reserved for the other Futball games (Soccer).

Several people in our office have started playing Fantasy Football and they were having so much fun talking about it that I had to have a team of my own to see what all the hub bub was about.  Somehow I ended up with two teams…don’t ask me how because I could not tell you. 

I am in a public league for both teams.  One team is doing really well the other…well let’s just say they suck! On the sucky team it’s hard when you’re playing against Payton Manning and you are in last place.  On the other team where you are in the top five, I put in a different quarterback because I was playing against Payton Manning.  I mean I took out Tony Romo and put in Matthew Stafford my back-up quarterback because his team clearly was going to do better than what Romo was going to be doing against Manning.  Of course 4 of my starters one of them being Adrian Peterson, have byes this week…what’s a girl to do?

Fantasy Football is really a crap shoot in my estimation but it is fun to see how you stack up against the other owners in the league. What’s not fun is trying to figure out who to play when most of your team is sitting on the bench due to injuries.  Oh well just have fun…there’s no money bet on this, at least not at my end, so revel in the moment and watch some football.

Go Team!! 

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