I'm Defiantly NUTS!!!!

 Yep...That I am...NUTS!!!

Dave and I have started a new blog called...wait for it...

We decided while eating dinner last night that we would write about our recommendations for the sites to see, eateries, campgrounds, etc... that we will visit out on the road. But instead of writing about it in this blog we will reference it and include a link.  So many times I will see something in someone's blog and think "oh I have to remember that" and forget where it is and then I have lost the moment of what I wanted or needed to remember. So in writing the new blog we will include links by state and activity. I daresay it will take me some time to get it all figured out but It will be like a reference guide and hopefully easy to navigate.  We will also include our recommendations of what not to do,see,eat or stay at.

So check us out and let us know what you think...


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  1. Sounds interesting...good luck to you.


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