The Grans are Coming...The Grans are Coming...

Late this July the Grans will be coming to visit us for a week.  As you can imagine we are excited as we have not seen the boys since Christmas.  However that entails some major cleaning as everything needs to be put up high or boxed up and put away as little hands get in trouble. 

If I were thinking logically I would sort through stuff and keep what I want for the trailer and put the rest out in a garage sale or give it to the church for their country fair this fall, but at this time I don’t have enough time to do that. Oh well later…
The 4th of July was lovely here.  The weather was perfect and when watching the fireworks there was a lovely breeze to wisk away the smoke and cool us off. We sat behind the museum of Natural History and had a wonderful view of the night sky.

And the Rockets Red Glare

The Bombs Bursting in air
Gave proof to the night that our Flag was still there.

Shingles dew rag!
I have been suffering from shingles, in of all places, on the edge of my hairline on my forehead, sometimes I will get them on the crown of my scalp. What a pain!  I have been making compresses with paper towels and apple cider vinegar and using a dew rag to keep it in place, had to go to work like that on Friday. I looked like the biker mama from down under and felt it too.  The only other way to knock out the pain is prescription pain pills which I hate taking but if it works so much the better… darn chickenpox when I was five!

Noah painting while little brother gets in trouble
Birthday invite that daddy the artist designed
Our gran Noah turned 3 last weekend. He had a superhero birthday party.  Parents were included in costume, everyone had a wonderful time.  We got him an art easel.  He decided that his face should be the canvas and started coloring his face. 
A canvas face and a birthday cone!
The next masterpiece was on the tile floor. What a goober (His dad’s words, not mine).  So I guess the dot paints have been put up for now. 

In doing some calculations this evening, we have 530 days before I retire.  It sounds so far away but it will be here in no time.  The days and months are flying by faster that what I anticipated, so there is no time to waste.  There are times when I wish I could slow time down but time waits for no man or woman. 

I have been taking extra time off to give me a 4 day weekend here recently and let me tell you it is NICE!  Wish I could keep it up, but work calls for just a bit longer.  I dread the day I give my notice as it will be very emotional. This is the only job I have ever had outside of my home that lasted longer than one year. I have been at the University for 15 years and all I can say is the time has flown, guess it does when you're having fun. I plan to give them plenty of notice so they can hire someone and I can train them and leave on a positive note. 

We are looking forward to this new chapter and I can hardly wait, but wait I must so I don’t have to pay as much on my Medicare benefits.
I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.  Just a thought here, Freedom isn’t free, you have to work hard to protect that freedom and keep it free and your voice heard.

Happy trails all, and to all a good night!

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