I Need A Vacation From My Vacation…Not Really, But It Sounded Good…

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind…Andy our youngest gran turned one and Auntie Christie and this Grammy made a trip south for a birthday party.  Dave stayed behind to tend to the dogs and sort through more junk before the “KIDS” came up the following weekend for a week’s stay.  

We had a wonderful time at the party on Saturday, however my shingles were still acting up and staying in the house was almost a must for me.  Andy had a bouncy ball party. 
Birthday Boy in the pool, just chillin!
I swear that child, actually both boys, have such creative parents and his grandmother on his dad’s side of the family is so talented in making cakes.  I wish I had a tenth of her talent in cake baking and decorating.  She made both the wedding and groom’s cakes for Heather and J’s wedding.

Andy's cake!
Grooms Cake with Chocolate Leaves and Strawberries
Heather and J's Wedding Cake

While taking a group picture we all got sprayed with silly string, needless to say it was a complete surprise.
J's face was the target as his face was covered with Silly String!
On that Sunday we all packed up and headed to Tyler, TX  to the Caldwell Zoo.  What a wonderful place.  It was very humid outside but overcast which made it bearable. 
Blue and Gold Macaws

And Bears
Emerald Boa Constrictor
Noah sang the Sheep song the whole time he was at the zoo. Back story…his Auntie Christie was showing J the Taylor Swift song, Trouble with the cut-ins of screaming goats (he calls them sheep pronounced seep).  Noah saw it and it scared him, poor baby, but daddy helped him to understand that it was only a song and nothing to be afraid of, so instead of crying when he saw it he starting singing the song constantly, it was hilarious.  

We came home and had 5 days to get the house ship shape before the grans arrived.  Having a three year old and a one year old running around, you had to get down to their level and see what dangers might be lurking, thank goodness for door gates.  
This last week was chaotic, Heather and J tried to cram so many things into one week that we were running from one event to another.  With concerts, movies, zoo trips, wedding anniversaries, pedicures, children’s museum visits, haircuts, meeting up with friends…it was dizzying to say the least.

To catch it all you will have to read Part Deux.

To Be Continued…


  1. You have been busy! Enjoyed the pics. There is so much to do and see in the OKC area that trying to do it all in one week is impossible. Hope you get some rest.

  2. Very enjoyable post to read....great photos, too, Kiddo.

  3. Those photos were taken on my camera phone. I thought they turned out rather well for being a phone.


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