Trip The Light Fantastic...

Yesterday I found myself in a theatre seat at the Warren Theatre in Moore, OK boogying to the music of John Williams and the Superman theme plus watching one of the most fantastic light displays I have ever seen.   I actually caught myself with moist eyes after the light show was over.  As I glanced around the theatre during the light show and music extravaganza, I saw other people conducting, boogying and having a wonderful trek down memory lane and like me, some had to wipe the tears away.

I grew up with George Reeve as Superman on the TV and Christopher Reeves as the caped hero in the 70’s.  I guess you could call me sentimental as I have always thought that, that dear man was taken from us much too early. Now I get to experience a new Superman…Henry Cavill. All I can say is WOW!

Unlike the Supermen of old, this storyline is refreshing, much more in-depth with Clark’s struggles of who he is.  I thought Russell Crow and Kevin Costner were excellent in their roles as Kal-el/Clark’s fathers. 

If you have not seen it, be prepared to strap yourself into your seat to go on a wild ride with a great story.  Be prepared to not compare the Supermen of old to this reboot of Superman today. It’s a totally different story. You won’t find the ride disappointing.

Besides Superman always fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way!

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