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Waiting for the hair to fall
Father’s day has come and gone for another year.  I decided last Sunday that Dave needed his summer haircut, so out came the chair, comb, scissors, and electric razor with trimmer and last but not least the vacuum sweeper. As the dogs gathered around, thinking that the falling hair would be a treat, Dave seated himself in the chair and I began to clip away.  Snip, snip, hack, hack, whirr, whirr, buzz, buzz, and Walla…the finished product.  Dave took one look in the mirror after his shower and exclaimed, “You gave me a buzz Cut"! Well...not really, just got rid of the comb over! Besides you wear your hat most of the time anyways.
The Summer Cut

Later I took Dave to Logan’s Roadhouse for Father’s day dinner; afterwards we drove out to Lake Thunderbird.  Three months ago the lake was so far down it made you want to cry.  After the Wettest May on record, I took pictures from a site we had visited in late March. Dave and I could not believe our eyes. The lake was totally full! We Kept exclaiming that it was unreal as to how high the water was. Simply amazing! While on our way out to the lake we saw this beautiful double rainbow.
Lake Thuderbird in March
photo curtesy of Bobbie Chapman

Lake Thunderbird in June 2' above lake leval

As you can see it is a double rainbow

Not much has been going on really…We went up to see the new Star Trek movie at the Warren Theater.  The Warren received some damage from the May 20th tornado but the hospital next door bore the brunt of the twister.  It was heartbreaking to see all the devastation.  We felt guilty just 

Moore hospital to be bulldozed
going to the theatre and wondered if we should even be there.  But as I told Dave, “Sometimes you need to take a brain break, enjoy a little escapism so you can go back and face the heartbreak” To even see just a fraction of the devastation tears at your heart. 
Best Burgers in town!

One of our co-workers had a birthday in May.  Latifah and I were the hosts for the office event and we decided to do a birthday luncheon.  Years ago before I joined the University I had a concession trailer that I hauled to auctions and would serve food during the all-day auctions out in the country. One of my specialties was a Cajun Onion Burger.  I actually had people who would follow me around to these auctions so they could eat my burgers.  I would use choice ground beef and Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning.  I would slice up my onions with my electric slicer and then throw them on a hot steel grill and let them cook until they were soft and golden. I’m talking about at least 5+lbs of sliced onions. Once cooked I would hold them on the grill in a pan covered with foil until an order came in for a burger.  I also made a Butterfly Fry out of a #10 potato that was like a continuous very thin potato chip sprinkled with the Creole seasoning. But I digress…I have always wanted to do a luncheon for the office to let them know what I use to do before I came to work at the university.  It helps when you have your mother’s old steel griddle that gets really hot. Thanks mom for passing that on to me.  It will go with us on our travels. 

Vegetarian Burgers

For the vegetarians, Latifah found Morning Star’s Chipotle Black Bean patties at Sam’s Club and I fixed those up as well. Everyone loved the food and I soon realized I had not lost my touch in the last 14 years.  There are times when I really miss that old concession trailer. The work was hot and tiring, but rewarding.
With Teddy being the only guy in the office I felt the Avenger tablecloth added the perfect touch.
Looking at my blog this evening I noticed that I have some new followers.  I am so excited as I wondered if anyone was reading my blog at all. Low and behold…readers! A big welcome to Julie and Tom of RV andOutdoor Adventures of Julie and Tom.

Make sure to drop over and read about their adventures kayaking and view their wonderful pictures.

Another blog reader is Maggie and John at JAM and theGirls.  This is a fun couple that we met while stargazing. Maggie has two therapy dogs and John is close to retirement.  They have sold their home and have a motorhome in which they live and venture out on the weekends for now.

Another new follower is Travels withEmma. Judy is a solo RVer with a beautiful black lab named Emma.  They have lots of adventures together plus great photos to boot.

A shout out to WestieWaggin, come to find out that this couple lives about 17 miles from us.  We plan to get together after they get back from workamping in beautiful Yellowstone Park this summer. She's already had a run-in with a bear at the back of their rig. 
Another new follower is Suzycue of KlingerMusings.  She too is a fellow Oklahoman and a diabetic dietitian.  They recently purchase an older motorhome and have had some great adventures with it.  
Another fellow Oklahoma who shares a birthday with me is Patti Murphy from Tulsa, OK. She travels with her husband and a big cutout of Edward Cullen.  She is a big Twilight fan and had to recently "hide" Edward when they were passing through Gilroy, CA the Garlic Capitol of the World. You can read all about it at The Murhpy Trail.  
Last but not least are Martha and Terry of Gypsy Life Journal.  They have a beautiful motorhome and have been touring the country since 2009. Their photos of their travels are beautiful and their blog is a great read. 
A big, big Oklahoma welcome to all of you. I hope you find something of interest in my musings.

Al and Kelly over at The Bayfield Bunch have sold their motorhome and have purchased a new to them Winnebago Class C.  Take a pop over and read about their new rig. If you have not been to Al’s blog yet he is a great photographer and a wonderful storyteller. I know Al, your just being modest, nuf said!

Alan from Howeths Travels put up a post about the West Fork fire near South Fork, Colorado along with pictures. Stay safe Alan. Praying the area survives.

To all my other blogger friends out there stay safe and we’ll see you down the road

Moss in bloom at Big Meadow Campground

568 Days and counting…


  1. That lunch looks great. Maybe you could come up to Minnesota and cook for my birthday next month. ;)

  2. I have not heard as yet about how Fun Valley fared. I have friends in the area who are supposed to keep me informed in the event the FV reopens for the remainder of the season. I will post on my blog when I hear. Meanwhile I am safely parked at the former Cedar Rail RV park at the top of Raton Pass. It is now named Raton Pass RV park. That came about because of some incorrect impressions that the former name was giving. At least that is the story that I got! :-)

    Glad to see that Thunderbird lake is filled once more.


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