I had set in my mind, at least, that I would retire July 4th 2013 from the university that I work at.  After going over the numbers again I have decided that I would be better off benefits wise retiring January 2, 2015.  I know I know, my friends are going to have a cow about this but to be able to save 10% on my health care benefits is huge to me especially with Obama Care getting ready to be implemented.  It will also let me beef up my retirement account a bit more and give me a bit more time to save up for the truck and 5th wheel. 

We are getting close and I am excited.  I have quite a few things to start putting on eBay and Craigslist.  I plan hold a big garage sale this spring.  So much to do and prep for, gets this girl exhausted. But persevere I must.

With our youngest daughter gainfully employed now, we can start saving what we need to make the big move. 

Happy trails and 680 day to go…

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  1. I'm one of your friends who is upset with you for not retiring this year!!! BUT, I understand your reasoning. Going fulltime RVing now a days is more expensive than when we started in 2007....especially fuel. So take the time you need....but hurry up already!


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