OMG It's Mardi Gras and Valentines is Almost Here

Wow, where did January go? It seemed to go by in a Nano second. Will February be the same? The last few days of January I decided that my computer was running so slow that I needed to get it to our IT Tech boys at the university. I must say they did an outstanding job of cleaning out my computer and reloading the system. I got it back in 24 hours. It actually runs faster now than it did when I first got it.
Yesterday I loaded on some programs that I need for my Mary Kay business and downloaded an HP program with the help of the IT Tech boys via phone. I am thankful that I work for a wonderful university that supports its students, faculty and staff in such a generous manor.


By the way if any of you ladies out there need any Mary Kay products I will be more than happy to help you. You can go to my site to shop and pay on-line. This is a business that I will be taking on the road with me and I can mail the products to your desired location. I know it's a plug for me but if I don't let people know what I do then how am I to grow my business.


A big shout out to Albert and Susie who started read my blog. Susie was so nice to give me a couple of links to view for getting ideas for my circular loom knitting. They too have been bitten by the RV bug and hope to be out on the road in 3 years. Like us they are going through the "Get Rid of the Stuff Stage". My RV Buddy and friend Bobbie Chapman surprised me by sending me a book from Amazon.com on loom knitting projects. Thanks to the both of you again. I may get an oblong loom and try a pair of socks. The knitting has been so much fun but I have lots to learn.


I 'm going to get brave this next month and start posting my "STUFF" on Craigslist. When I do that I will know in earnest that the process has truly started. I have so many knick-knacks that are filling my closets. I have one room set aside in the house of the things that I want to go into our RV when we get it. I foresee lots of garage sales this spring. Now if I can just get the girls to get up here and get their stuff out of the house and shed, I will be in good shape.


As we head into the month of LOVE… yes Valentine's Day is just a short 2 days away. Dave and I may go to dinner and I might get some roses and a card but other than that it's not that important to us. We both know how much we love each other. I get Valentine's all year long with the sweet gestures that Dave bestows on me. I am blessed. How did I ever catch such a wonderful guy? Going on 41 years and counting.  Our main gift will be our youngest daughter arriving on the 15th. She will be in town for work but we will get to spend Saturday with her.  Wish I could see my other daughter and family.  I really miss my two "boys" (grandsons). 

We went to see the Hobbit a couple of weeks ago.  It was great.  I know we will be getting the Blue Ray as soon as it comes out. I look forward to the rest of the trilogy. Speaking of movies, I am excited to hear that J.J. Abrams is going to be doing the next "Star Wars" movie. If it is as half as good as his "Star Trek" movies...WOW!  Getting ready to see "Les Miserables".  It's amazing what these actors put themselves through for these rolls. Anne Hathaway eating just 3 strips of oatmeal paste a day to loose the weight for the roll.  Talk about a starvation diet.  Have you seen any good movies lately?  Here is lovely bit from one of my favorite two musicians. Enjoy!

Well I guess spring is just around the corner as ole Puxatony Phil didn't see his shadow.  I just hope we have a really wet spring as we are in a dangerous drought here in Oklahoma. The sooner it starts the better.  "Sooner" get it?  The Sooner state, yeah I know silly joke.

I am back in rehersals for Bethoveen's 9th Symphony that is to be performed at the university on April 20th.  I am having to brush up on my German as we will be performing it in that language.  I took it in high school so the syntax should come back with little problem.

Keep those letters and post card coming and I will be certain to write back.

Happy trails and "Laissez Les Bon Temps Roluez"

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