Been Having Fun...

Dave got me some circle knitting looms for Christmas and I have been having a blast with them.  I don’t “knit”; you know the old fashion way with knitting needles.  A few weeks before Christmas I saw a cute news special with a teenager who had been “knitting” hats for soldiers, she made the comment that she did not “knit” but with these looms she said if she could do it anyone could.  So I requested some. 
My new knitting looms
Used two different yarns for this one
Here are some of the fun things I have made with them and it's so easy, just wrap and loop.

An experiment that turned out ok

My new neck scarf
I need to get a book or watch a video to give me more ideas.  I'm having fun with this plus it keeps my hands busy doing something instead of feeding my face.
Happy trails...


  1. Looks like your having fun with your looms.
    Here are some loom sites I found:

    We are also in the planning stage of RVing full time but it won't happen for about 3 and 1/2 years. I see you are going in March. Sounds great. Are you ready????
    Susie in northern NY

  2. I forgot to check the box for follow up comments. :)

  3. Just wait till Tuesday and see what happens....ha-ha

  4. Those things look great. It is good to always keep your hands busy. :-)


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