A Lazy Sunday...

Yesterday was Homecoming for the University of Oklahoma. The day was filled with lots of activities and a parade with the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band, floats and lots of other stuff I did not see. Last night after an hour and a half rain delay the game started. I was in bed by the second quarter trying to keep my eyes open but faded by half time. The Sooners had a rough time of it with Texas Tech and eventually lost the game. Oh Drats! As you can see I am not a big football fan any more. Use to love it but have other priorities now, like figuring out a way to get out on the open road sooner that expected.

This Sunday morning found me making the coffee instead of Dave making the coffee. I guess that after 9 hours sleep and when the peepers pop open before sunrise, you might as well get up and at'tem. After making coffee and turning on the TV to finish watching a program I got out the DVD of exercises and did my workout and then had some 5 grain oatmeal.

After breakfast I did a Spybot, Malware check and a Clean-up on my computer. It had be 40 days since my last run. Everything checks out but for a new computer it sure runs slow. I'm going through my office today and working on taxes...UGH! Hate those things but it has to be done. Later Dave and I are going to work on one of our closets, got to get it cleared out and get the junk removed. Not looking forward to that but it has to be done.

Dave came across a new site yesterday and I have attached the links here as I find it interesting. It's about
making changes in your lifestyle and how to accomplish what you want...hence full-timing. I know I will certainly look at things with a different perspective now. Great stuff our younger generation is coming up with.

I go to the Dr. tomorrow for a Nuclear Exercise Clinically induced heart stress test. Should be interesting. With my diabetes the Dr's want to have a benchmark of where my heart is. So no caffeine, chocolate, tea, decaff tea, cokes (I don't drink them anyways), decaff coffee or decaff coffee 24 hours before the test. Water is pretty much what I drink now with a cup of coffee in the mornings. By the time the test rolls around I should have a great headache...oh fun!

After a gloomy foggy morning the sun has finally broken through and it's beautiful day outside. If it's sunny where you are...get out and enjoy the day. Sunshine is good for you. Great source of Vitamin D.

Happy trails...

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